Buffet Restaurant Roslagen

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The Roslagen is a breakfast-room for the hostel guests, we don´t have breakfast but you will find a coffee machine and an automatic vending machine where you will be able to buy simple dishes.
It is a nice atmosphere, inspired by the 1950s and is perfect for organizing corporative – and private events. Furthermore, buffet service will be available for the maximum number of 150 people.
Restaurant Roslagen is Birger Jarl’s breakfast room that will be at your disposal.
Here, you can have a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the unique atmosphere inspired by the 1950s.
Since M/S Birger Jarl used to be a cruise ship, we come across guests that have shared that experience back in “the good old days”. Like the other premises onboard, this restaurant can also be used for organizing all kinds of events such as corporate events or private events.
In other words, M/S Birger Jarl is the perfect choice!
If you really feel like partying, it is free of charge to rent our premises, up to 60 people maximum.
Whether you are planning to use the premises for a corporate event or a coming wedding or not, we do hope that it will be a successful one!
We want to be remembered as the hotel & hostel that was able to create wonderful experiences in an unique and a dynamic atmosphere.