Our Cabins



Admiral Cabin

 Doublebed, sofa bed, minibar, toilet/shower, sauna 

amiral3 amiral1 amiral5  amiral6 amiral2 Amiral badrum



Сaptain cabin

Doublebed, minibar  

 600b 600c 600d 600f 600g



Superior Cabin

two separate beds, toilet/shower  

MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1007 Customsup506Sup507



 Superior Cabin

doublebed, toilet/shower 

supdubbel2 supdubbel3 supdubbel8 supdubbel7



Cruiser`s Cabin

bunkbed, toilet/shower 

564  566



 Double Passenger Cabin

bunkbed, toilet/shower  

dubbel357  dubbel568  dubbel570



Triple Passenger Cabin

bunkbed, one single bed, toilet/shower

 563  561



Quadruple Passenger Cabin

two bunkbeds, toilet/shower

 quad325  quad325toa



Double Cabin

bunkbed, bathroom shared with cabin next door

 Double cabin Shb  Double cabin Shb2  407  409



Single Cabin

one bed, bathroom shared with cabin next door

 403  403dass



Single Crew Cabins, Double Сrew Cabins, Quadruple Cabins

single bed, two separate beds, bunkbed, toilet/shower in corridor

   single crew 3 103 quadcrew105