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Cocktail Bar. Opening hours: 14 00 – 01 00 

The ship’s largest bar has 150 seats and 100 standing seats respectively with a beautiful view over the island of Djurgården, the bay and Fjällgatan with its beautiful atmosphere.

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MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1198 Custom MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1179 Custom MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1134 Custom 

You will find the stage by the cocktail bar with a dancefloor which is possible to rent for your own event such as weddings, corporate events and presentations etc. All necessary equipment will be at your disposal.
You are all very welcome to gather around our Cocktail bar for informal meetings, enjoy a delicious aperitif with your colleagues before having a wonderful dinner or try an exciting mix of cocktails at our bar with your friends. Our bartenders can use their “magic hands” and creativity to blend a unique cocktail that with appeal to your taste!
If you feel like “party planning” the cocktail bar will be the perfect choice to rent and all necessary equipment will be at your disposal. Furthermore, you will be able to   experience an unforgettable party until the break of dawn!
All of this will lead to an amazing party worth experiencing in our vibrant atmosphere. 



Prawns sandwich  145 SEK
Toast skagen /Prawns and toast 129 SEK
Roast beef & potato salad  129 SEK
Hamburger with French fries 129 SEK
Vegetarian platter 129 SEK
Ham- & cheese toast  55 SEK
Jokkmokk Sausage   45 SEK
Bar snacks   30 SEK

Drinks/ Drink menu

Dry Martini / Gin, Vermouth    130 SEK/6 cl
Mojito / bright rom, lime, mint & soda water   130 SEK/6 cl
Cuba Libre/ dark rom, cola & lime   130 SEK/6 cl
Screwdriver/ Vodka, orange juice  130 SEK/6 cl
Gin & Tonic   130 SEK/6 cl
Aperol Spritz / Prosecco, Aperol, soda water  99 SEK

Buffet Restaurant Roslagen

MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1430 Custom  MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1431 Custom MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1428 Custom

MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1418 Custom MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1423 Custom

The restaurant is a breakfast room for the hostel guests. In addition, you will find a coffee machine and an automatic vending machine where you will be able to buy simple dishes. The restaurant is open 24hours a day.
It is a nice atmosphere, inspired by the 1950s and is perfect for organizing corporative – and private events. Furthermore, buffet service will be available for the maximum number of 150 people.
Restaurant Roslagen is Birger Jarl’s breakfast room that will be at your disposal.
Here, you can have a nice cup of our best coffee and enjoy the unique atmosphere inspired by the 1950s.
Since M/S Birger Jarl used to be a cruise ship, we come across guests that have shared that experience back in “the good old days”. Like the other premises onboard, this restaurant can also be used for organizing all kinds of events such as corporate events or private events.
In other words, M/S Birger Jarl is the perfect choice!
If you really feel like partying, it is free of charge to rent our premises, up to 60 people maximum.
Whether you are planning to use the premises for a corporate event or a coming wedding or not, we do hope that it will be a successful one!
We want to be remembered as the hotel & hostel that was able to create wonderful experiences in an unique and a dynamic atmosphere.

Sky Bar with dancefloor

 MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1102 Custom MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1174 Custom MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1271 Custom

Sky Bar with dancefloor. A gorgeous view over the city of Stockholm, the bay, the Old Town, Skeppsholmen and Djurgården. In addition, you will enjoy watching lots of cruise ships pass by.
The Sky Bar is perfect for organizing your own event during hot summer days and evenings. Opening hours: May- September.
Information regarding coming events will be published here- live music, disco etc. Current offers and campaigns will be published 14 days before (May- September)
Both our Swedish and international guests get a golden opportunity to feel the vibes of Stockholm all the way up to our Sky Bar!
We offer you unforgettable summer evenings with live music including the gorgeous view over Gamla Stan and the island of Djurgården. You will also be able to enjoy a delicious meal while tasting a drink, perfectly mixed from our bar. In addition, you will enjoy watching all the boats pass by, heading for the archipelago islands, an area so unique that it has become famous world-wide.
Furthermore, you will also get the opportunity to organize your own event. Enjoy your party until  the break of dawn!
Like we use to say; “the top floor is the best”

Restaurant Remmare
À la carte restaurang

Ideal for private events, weddings and corporate events. 
This is our Restaurant À la Carte.
Our guests will enjoy delicious meals with a glass of wine or, why not, champagne!
It is an incredibly unique and dynamic atmosphere which is perfect for organizing different kinds of events!
Feel free to rent the premises in favour of your own event such as, private events, weddings or corporate events.
In other words, you will be able to combine a fantastic experience of tastes with party vibes and wonderful company in such a unique and special atmosphere. This is something that only M/S Birger Jarl can offer our guests!


 MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1028 Custom MSBJ 180912 13 4ML1031 Custom

Piano bar.  A lounge for our guests. TV and WiFi are available.

The Piano bar is perfect for presentations of various kinds, to hire for your own parties and events, your own mingle up to the maximum number of 75 people (25-75 people) in the ship’s unique atmosphere. The bar is available while rented.
Feel free to use M/S Birger Jarl’s piano bar if you wish to create an unforgettable party experience in favour of your own event or party even. The premises are perfect for renting for such occasions in such a unique and dynamic atmosphere. If you don’t feel like partying you could sit in the lounge reading a good book, enjoy the wonderful atmosphere together with your friends and colleagues. We, even, recommend our guests to use the premises in terms of business meetings as well as oral presentations. In other words, these premises will create such exciting moments in an incredibly unique atmosphere.